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"Computers Never Make Mistakes!" ... or do they? Over the past thirty plus years of developing Bible training resources for AIBI, computers have been used in the process since the early 1980's. As data is converted from older formats to current formats there is an occasional typing error that is overlooked during the initial proofing stages. These can occur on any of the Bible outlines, manuals and even diagrams. Have you found one? - Let us know!

Are you an individual that has an attention to detail and is looking for a way to study the Bible and serve the Lord at the same time? - Here is a great opportunity for you. If you are currently studying one or more of the materials available through AIBI Resources and catch an error, make note of it and we will add it to a list of revisions for the next release of the web site. If you haven't already started studying a manual - and aren't sure which one to choose, or would just like to serve the Lord through helping proof materials, and you can join a proofing team to systematically go through the resources.

For an example, when a manual is converted to Adobe Acrobat Reader format, sometimes the layout may have lines that overlap over text. We try to catch most of these layout issues but sometimes they do get past the initial proofing. Another example might be correct meaning and usage of a word. For example, a sentence might read "The water was to cold ..." when it should have read " The water was too cold ..." A simple spell check wouldn't necessarily catch that as both words are correctly spelled words in English. There are many ways that the resources might be improved. If you have an idea, feel free to Although we may not implement every idea that is submitted we appreciate your input.

You Can Help Too!
(or was that "to"," two"," tú", or "tue"?)

Please send an email to proof @ (no spaces) and let us know!