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Small Group Bible Studies
As we continue to develop new and expanded resources, AIBI Resources recognizes that while there is great value and need for instructional teaching such as found in an organized church group setting, there is no substitute for individuals nurturing their own personal relationship with Christ. This might occur through Personal Bible Study as well as through fellowshiping with smaller groups such as Sunday School or Home Bible Studies to dialog and learn God's Word together. We see each of these formats used throughout scripture and desire to help provide you with Resources that utilize each of these formats to return you back to time spent reading and studying the Word of God as the ultimate authority and training resource. This section includes Bible Survey resources that can be used in small group, corporate study, as well as for personal study.
Bible Survey Manuals
The following manuals available for download are in the Adobe Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format.

Old Testament
New Testament

Matthew (PDF-681K)
Mark (PDF-428k)
Luke (PDF-522K)
John (PDF-514K)
Acts and Romans (PDF-643K)
1 Corinthians through Philippians (PDF-554K)
Colossians through James (PDF-527K)
1 Peter through Revelation (PDF-478K)